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March Fave Fives: New Again!

Welcome to March's Fave Fives: New Again! It's Springtime, and all is new once more. I asked my friends and fellow authors to list their favorite things about Spring, and you'll love what they had to say. 

While I confess that Fall is my favorite season, there are a few things I love that are unique to Spring. In no particular order: 

  1. Spring Rain. It rarely rains here in the Fall, and the summer rains bring sticky humidity. But the Spring Rains are calm, almost soothing, and the air smells almost cleaner when they leave. 
  2. Freshly mown grass. Of course, we mow our grass throughout the summer, but it's those first few cuts during spring that always look and smell the nicest.
  3. Capris! I don't even think I own a pair of shorts, but I do love the beginning of capri and sandal season. 
  4. The trees. I love the blooms, especially on the fruit trees, and I adore watching life transform. 
  5. Squirrels. It probably seems odd, but I love seeing the squirrels come out of hiding after the winter has finally passed. 

Coming April 7th!

Driven and career-focused, Starla Winters doesn’t have the time or patience for dating. Other than her family, she has only a handful of personal connections, only a few relationships that truly mean anything to her, but she’s content. Or so she thinks. Then the laidback, free-spirited owner of a local toy store blows into her life, making her want things she’s never even contemplated. 

Turner McCord fell in love the moment the uptight advertising agent marched into his office, and nothing has been the same for him since. He knows it won’t be easy to break through Starla’s shiny layer of professionalism to the fiery woman beneath, but he’s determined to make her his. After all, to love someone as beautiful and captivating as Starla Winters would be an awfully big adventure.


1. I can open the house up and clear out all the stuff air from the winter.
2. The smell of fresh grass, trees and flowers in bloom.
3. I can sit on my front porch without worrying about the heat. It's just right to work outside.
4. Walks and enjoying communing with nature.
5. No more bulky winter coats!

New Release Secrets Unwrapped: Book one of the Sugar Daddies Series for Riverdale Avenue Books. but there is a first book at Ellora's cave called My Sugar Daddy people should read first:

Secrets Unwrapped

Alex Martin’s world is changing at an alarming pace. She had arrived at the Wilmot’s mountain compound with her best friend Laura just as all hell has broken loose. A dozen or so blasts set off by a terrorist group had hit most of the major cities in the US. Their compound was also attacked, so they all moved to the fortified tunnels beneath the buildings.

The Wilmot brothers - Grant, Daniel and Roman - were Laura’s men, former military personnel, as were most of their companions. They were all survivors of a secret government experiment performed on them when they were children. Over the years, they had found others who had been victims of the ‘camp’ where those experiments had taken place involving alien DNA. Recently they were visited by those aliens, and learned that they weren’t the only group that had been experimented upon.

The President of the United States had tasked their compound to keep order and protect those in the nearby city until they were needed. They were also a magnet for the victims of similar experiments. And the terrorists considered them all a threat.

Surrounded by these military men, Alex couldn’t help but fall for the three assigned to protect her. But could these men help heal the wounds in Alex’s heart, barely held together by Band-Aids?

Ordered to pick up and guard their commander’s woman’s best friend, Bo, Rafe and Justin were not prepared to face the black bombshell that was Alex Martin. Ever since that first night on her porch, their three lives had changed.
Alex was theirs now. All they had to do was convince her to allow them into her heart. Beneath all that tough veneer, they had a Baby Girl who needed their special loving. With new threats popping up every hour, Bo, Rafe and Justin were bound to make a home for Alex.


1. It's the last time until November that I won't be sweating every time I go outside.
2. Spring energizes me to donate clothes I haven't worn in forever--and will never wear
3.This spring I'll be going to TNEE in Las Vegas and I'm sooo excited.
4. I'm in a new box set with some awesome women(Milly Taiden, Lia Davis, Kerry Adrienne, and Andie Devaux) that I get to meet!
5. Just two weeks ago, my husband and I have decided to sell the house and plan to move abroad to Spain--now to learn Spanish!

Bare Instincts

Burke Devereaux’s life is turned upside down after receiving news of his brother’s death. After years of being gone from Hidden Hills, NC, the guilt-ridden bear shifter returns home for the funeral. 

Tasha Wilder, an overweight, bear shifter librarian, used to lust after the sexy, high school basketball player back in the day. She never acted on those feelings, knowing full well he’d never want someone as plain as her. Burke now is back and she does her best to keep her animalistic urges hidden by keeping her distance—until fate intervenes. Doing her best to offer him only sympathy during an unexpected encounter, her inner beast explodes with unbridled lust and passion.

Burke tackles his inner demons and finally accepts that Tasha is his mate, but he hadn’t expected to her to deny their destiny. What can he do to convince Tasha she’s his one and only?


  1. Although I am not a fan of the time change, I do like the fact that we have additional daylight in the evenings. It makes me feel like I have more time to enjoy the day.
  2. I love walking into all the retail stores and seeing all the pastel colors that are in style and season. For example, the bright colored clothes, shoes, purses and accessories.  What can I say, I’m a girl, I like to shop.
  3. Just knowing that summer is around the corner makes me smile. My family and I enjoy spending time in the sun, either at the beach or at the river.
  4. I can’t wait for the sun to warm the pool up so we can get back to barbecuing around the pool as my daughters swim while my husband and I sit, watching in our chairs as we drink our adult beverages.
  5. I like to see everything turn green again after the winter, flowers blooming, my rose bushes coming back to life and how warm the sun feels against my skin when I am in the yard.
Coming Soon!

Goldie Locke is in love with her boss, Travis. He has always been the man of her dreams, but it’s getting harder to work for him when she really wants more. After a fire in her apartment leaves her temporarily homeless, she finds herself on her way to Travis’ cabin in the mountains, at his brothers’ insistence. She decides to use the time away to make some decisions about her future...with or without Travis.

Travis Baer had always prided himself at making his construction business a success. He is a man who goes after what he wants, but what he desires more than anything is Goldie. After being tricked into a weekend alone with his gorgeous assistant, Travis is determined to finally make Goldie his, and reveal his true feeling for her.

Could their weekend retreat be the beginning to the fairytale ending Goldie has always wanted?


Out here on the “wet coast” Spring is more of a transition period from cold and raining to warm and raining, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating the end of winter.

  1. Bird song. It isn’t until I hear it again that I realize how much I love to hear the birds singing. It’s a beautiful, uplifting sound that always brings a smile to my face.
  2. Cherry blossoms. My city is filled with ornamental cherry trees, and when they start to bloom it’s a sight to behold. While the rest of Canada is still dealing with drifts of snow, we’re often enjoying drifts of cherry blossoms.
  3.  Sandal season! Soon it will be warm enough to ditch the winter boots and heavy socks for-flip flops and sandals, or better yet, barefoot.
  4.  Farmer’s markets. The local markets start to open for the season. I love wandering through the stalls and shopping for farm fresh food that inspires my meal planning for the week.
  5. The sun. Sunny days are rare after October, and when the sun finally reappears from behind the clouds, it always makes me happy. (And it means I can stop taking my vitamin D pills for a few months!)

3013: Targeted

Alliance Commanders Brandt Carver and Hawke Summers have a new mission. Take command of Space Station: Alpha X2, get it running smoothly again, and find out how the last station commander wound up murdered in the middle of a Krytos sanctuary. The two Elites are experienced troubleshooters, specializing in fixing problems and putting out fires all over the galaxy, but this assignment is going to be the greatest challenge of their careers.

T’karra Ryvern runs the Black Hole bar, the Krytos sanctuary on X2. The bar is the only home she’s ever known and a safe haven for the Krytos who lost their planet to alien invaders more than a century ago. A proud warrior and pack leader, she offers protection to those who need it, but now someone has targeted T’karra and her family. With everything she loves in danger, she’ll do whatever it takes to end the threat. Even if it means working with two men she has no reason to trust.

The Commanders will do whatever it takes to protect T’karra, while convincing her that the three of them belong together. Will they uncover the truth in time to stop the attacks, or will they lose their chance at love when one of them becomes the enemy’s final target?


1. Sunshine – The warmth from the sun feels amazing against my skin and the sky is incredibly blue. The change from winter to spring is always a beautiful one.
2. Birds chirping
3. Flowers – I love seeing the flowers blossom, bringing every color imaginable.
4. Opening windows – There always seems to be a light breeze, enticing me to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. No heater or air conditioner needed.
5. Butterflies, bees, and baby animals.

Available on Saturday, April 18th

You have to be the best to go to war with the worst. That’s the motto the agents of the Federal Paranormal Agency live by. They train hard to hunt down those that go rogue, enforcing the laws set down through the ages. They deliver justice to those that break the laws and save the innocent. They are the enforcers of the paranormal world.

Braig Rabgix is an ancient vampire and an agent for the Federal Paranormal Agency. While following a rogue wolf shifter that deals in human sex trafficking, Braig finds his True Match among the victims. He takes the scared human home and tends to his wounds, gently wooing the man meant to be his.

Beaten and held in a cage, Daniel Bombelles has lost touch with who he really is. The world flashes by him in shades of pain. When he’s saved by a stranger with hypnotic brown eyes, something inside Daniel says that he can trust the handsome vampire.

The danger isn’t over. The rogue wolf that tortured Daniel is on the loose in New York City and its Braig’s job to track him down. But there’s a difference between justice and revenge, and Braig is willing to cross the line.


1. While I think snow is pretty (when I’m watching it from inside,) I am sooo tired of the freaking cold. Gimme warmer weather...without making me sweat. LOL
2. I love breaking out my spring wardrobe when I don’t have to worry about freezing my ass off.
3. My birthday!
4. Seeing all the pretty flowers blooming, and
5. The feeling of new beginnings!

Available Exclusively at Amazon April 1st!

Tessa Campbell is a woman in an impossible situation. As the owner of an event planning company, her days are usually filled celebrating the best moments of people’s lives, but all of that changes when her father makes a grievous mistake that may cost him the job he loves. He is depending on her to fix his mistake, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. In order to save him, she must find a way to reason with his boss...the man everyone calls The Beast.

Drake Vidal has a dangerous reputation. A ruthless business man who has taken Vidal Labs and Technology to the top of the industry, he expects perfection from everyone who works for him. He has never believed in love, but all it takes is one look at the gentle beauty that comes to him to plead for her father for him to lose his heart. Can she find a way to see beyond the savage veneer he portrays to the world to discover the good hidden beneath, or will she think he isn’t worth taming? For who could ever really love a beast?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Seduction at Midnight Release and Excerpt!


All-new Anthology of modern-day, fairy tale romances, written by seven of your favorite authors! All proceeds of the Limited Edition Box Set will be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On Sale for .99¢ only from March 9 - 30th. 

Now Available from: 


Beautiful Dreamer by Lacey Thorn - Chase wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the attack that left her best friend dead, and her lost in a deep slumber. Will Detective Phillip Wade be able to keep her safe, or will the secrets he's keeping tear them apart?

Cinder’s Rising by Jenika Snow - Cinder is the light to Ryder's darkness, and he must show her she's worth so much more than she gives herself credit for. It's up to him to show her that she's his world now.

Rescuing Red by Susan Hayes - When an act of kindness sparks a moment of chivalry, two lives are changed forever. Veronica and Lucas have a chance at a storybook ending, but first, they'll have to face the monster who wants Veronica for himself.

Wonderland by Catalina Harper - Alison has wanted eccentric club owner, Chris Jensen, since the day she started working at Wonderland. Nothing about a relationship with Chris will be easy, but Alison is determined to make the ex-Marine see her as more than just one of the guys.

Stardust by Kali Argent - What could a self-professed workaholic and a laid-back toy store owner possibly have in common? Nothing, as far as Starla Winters is concerned, but when roguishly handsome Turner McCord sets his sights on her, she’ll soon understand why sometimes, opposites do attract.

Goldie by Erika Reed - After being tricked into a weekend alone with her handsome boss, Goldie Locke is looking forward to getting to know Travis Baer outside of the office. Could this be the beginning to the fairy tale ending Goldie has always wanted?

Beauty by Laurie Roma - Tessa Campbell has to face the man everyone calls The Beast in order to protect her father. Can she find a way to see beyond Drake Vidal's savage veneer to the good hidden beneath, or will she think he isn't worth taming?

Now Available from: 



Turner nodded, stopped, and tilted his head to the side. “Why are you leaving at noon?”

With an exasperated sigh, Trina took his elbow and tugged, pulling him toward the front of the store. “I’m going out of town with my parents to celebrate my birthday, which you’ve known about for two weeks now. I’ll be back on Monday.”

An ambiguous recollection of the conversation tickled the fringes of his memory. “You’re going to be gone for a week?”

Trina rolled her eyes. “Today is Thursday, Turner, and it technically doesn’t count. So, I’ll only be gone for three days.” She turned the corner, still holding onto his arm while she dragged him along beside her. “You can manage for that long without me, and besides, Lily will be here to help.”

With her pin-straight, ebony hair, brown eyes, and smooth caramel skin, Lily Geist created a striking contrast to Trina. Though only eighteen, she’d been working at Neverland since the day the doors opened two years ago, and Turner had never doubted his decision to promote her to assistant manager. She was a smart girl, good with people in general, but she also didn’t take herself too seriously, something Turner valued in all of his employees. 

Lily had a head for business, and she’d taken over the inventory reports, which he greatly appreciated since he despised paperwork in all its unholy forms. At the same time, it wasn’t uncommon to find her reading to the preschoolers on the second floor, or dueling it out with the older boys over a game of cops and robbers.

“Someone will be here tomorrow afternoon to fix the pinball machine.” Trina flittered her fingers over her shoulder in the vague direction of the arcade located in the back corner of the main floor. “I’ve already informed Lily, and she’s authorized to sign off on the work, so you don’t even have to be here.”


She slowed to a stop and looked up at him. “Yes?”

While he could be forgetful, and didn’t particularly enjoy the day-to-day aspects of running a business, he could handle the store on his own for a weekend. “Stop fussing. Go, have fun on your trip.” Uncurling her fingers from his elbow, he cradled her hand between both of his own and smiled. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Eyeing him speculatively, she pulled her hand back and nodded. “Don’t forget to eat.” Her eyes narrowed, and she pointed a finger at his face. “And I don’t mean fast food for every meal, either.” With an impatient sigh, she brushed at his wrinkled T-shirt and shook her head. “Call if you need anything. Otherwise, I’ll see you Monday.” Then she gave him another once-over, sighed again, and disappeared toward the employee break room.

Grinning to himself, Turner rounded a table filled with discounted seasonal items and made his way to the entrance. Outside, stray beams of sunlight had managed to break free of the cloud cover and filter into the storefront, gleaming off the crescent-shaped countertop. Lines formed at both open registers, backing up to the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Beyond the fogging glass, Chicagoans hurried along the sidewalks, pulling their coats tighter and ducking their heads against the driving wind. 

Standing off to the side with a gray, leather case draped over her left shoulder, Starla Winters flashed him a smile that nearly stopped his heart. She’d dressed simply in a black pencil skirt and matching blazer, adding just a splash of color to her attire with a pale-blue, collared shirt that looked lovely against her creamy skin. 

“Mr. McCord,” she greeted in her faint English accent as he approached. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” 

“How many times have I told you to call me Turner?” Taking her offered hand, he squeezed it gently, careful not to linger too long. “I’m sorry you had to wait. I thought we were meeting tomorrow.” 

“Oh, please, there’s no need to apologize. And you’re correct that our meeting was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.” She stared up at him, her sapphire-blue eyes wide and beseeching. “It’s just that I have—well, there isn’t an easy way to say this, I’m afraid.” Her left hand rested on the top of her bag, and she drummed her fingers against the leather. “Could we continue this in your office?”

“Of course.” His brow furrowed, but Turner didn’t comment as he waved a hand to the right, indicating the frosted glass door tucked into a small alcove off the entrance. “After you.”

Beautiful in a way he’d only read about in books, Starla exuded confidence and sophistication from her artfully-styled, auburn waves, to her sensible, closed-toe kitten heels. She moved in graceful strides, her long legs flexing with each step as she preceded him to his office. While he tried to be a gentleman, Turner couldn’t stop his gaze from repeatedly straying to her pert backside, and his pulse quickened, beating in time to the sway of her hips.

When he’d contacted Rufio Advertising to discuss marketing options for Neverland, he hadn’t been prepared for the likes of Starla Winters to walk into his office. Smart, classy, and gorgeous, she’d commanded his full attention from the start, and by the end of their first meeting, he’d been captivated. 

In the six months and two campaigns that followed, he’d never seen her lose her composure. Never once had her shiny veneer of professionalism cracked—something that both impressed and frustrated the hell out of him—until now. She masked her anxiety well, but Turner could see it in the slight tremble of her hands, had heard it in the way her words tumbled from her lips just a little too quickly.