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Surprise Release! ~ 3 NEW 3013 NOVELLAS! ~

In a male dominated world, Alliance Commander Olivia Jacobson has spent most of her adult life clawing her way up the ranks, but her dream of commanding her own post has always been just beyond her grasp. With the discovery of a new planet, a new race, and the relocation of Alpha Station: X21, her dream is finally within reach. The last thing she needs is distractions, but the universe has a sense of humor, and complications arrive in the form of two Krytos males intent on claiming her as their mate.
One night with the beautiful and passionate commander won’t be enough for Krytos brothers Axton and Zade Tavish. Choosing X21 as the home for their sanctuary, Asylum, had nothing to do with location, and everything to do with Olivia. The closer they try to get to the female, however, the more determined she seems to pull away, proving it will take more than charm and persistence to win her heart.
When their tenuous relationship reaches its tipping point, Olivia is left with an impossible decision—to sacrifice love in the name of duty, or risk everything for a chance at forever.

3013: ASYLUM


Commander Olivia Jacobson glanced down when her wrist unit began to beep, swallowed back a sigh, and steadfastly ignored the incoming communication. “I’ve been getting calls all damn week,” she confided to her friend, Liaison Officer Morgan Chavez. “Sometimes I want to throw my wrist unit against the wall.” When her office link signaled a few seconds later, she couldn’t contain the next sigh that bubbled up in her throat. “I love being in charge of a new, state-of-the-art space station, but it means everyone wants to come here to check it out.”

Morgan laughed as she swept a chestnut curl out of her eyes and straightened the sleeve of her steel gray and black uniform jacket. “And I know how much you hate dealing with people.”

Olivia didn’t necessarily dislike people in the general sense. When she’d accepted the assignment as commander of Alpha Station: X21 six weeks ago, she’d understood what the position would entail. Engaging with people was in the job description. Alliance personnel, ambassadors, cargo runners, those idiot Krytos brothers who ran the onboard sanctuary, a handful of shop owners—while she didn’t like it, she’d expected it.

The small talk, however…

“They usually want things…and they feel this need to talk about shit I really don’t care about. Like I give a fuck if this is the furthest someone has been out in space. Sometimes, people just suck.”

“Poor Commander Jacobson. How dare people bother you with such mundane information.” Morgan smirked as she adjusted in her seat. “I have no sympathy for you. Compared to the idiots I have to deal with, you have no reason to complain. Besides, most of the people you talk to everyday, you can just order to leave you the hell alone.”

“Very true. Or hide in my office like I’m doing now. I was out there earlier, and there were people everywhere.” Olivia gave an over-exaggerated shudder to make Morgan laugh, but it really had been awful. Everyone she’d seen had wanted to stop and talk to her, all of them seemingly impervious to her resting bitch face. “I’m going to be so damn happy when this grand-opening bullshit is over.”

“I can’t wait to hear your speech for that.” Morgan’s bright green eyes shimmered with mischief.

The blood drained from Olivia’s face so quickly it left her lightheaded. “I…have to give a speech? You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. Not at all. You’re the commander here. You have to welcome everyone, and I don’t know, declare the space station officially open or something.”

“Can’t I do that with a freaking memo?”

“Not a chance. Speaking of memos,” Morgan muttered as she glanced down at her wrist unit, “I have to get going. Some of the off-loaders that recently arrived have space sickness and are out of commission for a few days. Director James offered me up as a temporary replacement to help do inventory in the storage areas as punishment for what happened last week.”

“What happened last week” meaning the two elites she’d assaulted for scaring the hell out of the Tarin females Morgan had been escorting to the sanctuary. Olivia didn’t blame her, and in fact, she wished she’d been there to see it. Unfortunately, not everyone viewed it that way.

They spent a few more minutes discussing the abnormally large stick lodged up Director James’ ass before Morgan finally rose and started toward the exit. However, before she could make it out of the office, the steel plated doors slid open, and Olivia’s new assistant stepped across the threshold, her expression a mixture of anxiety and determination.

Olivia liked the young woman well enough, even if she was more than a little enthusiastic about fetching coffee and maintaining schedules. She wore her vibrant red hair in a sleek bun at her crown, and Olivia imagined if she wanted to test it, she could cut her finger on the crisp lines of the officer’s uniform.

Once upon a time, when she’d been fresh from the Academy, Olivia had been much like Officer Hannah Blake. She’d loved order and regulations, had done everything by the books, right down to the precise shine of her standard-issue, black combat boots.

Now, a dozen or so years later, she’d learned there could be beauty in chaos, and sometimes, rules were meant to be bent—some proving more flexible than others. Judging by the hesitancy in the way her assistant spoke, this was not one of those times.

 “I’m so sorry to bother you, Commander.” Officer Blake held her shoulder’s back and her spine straight, but she didn’t quite meet Olivia’s gaze. “I was just notified by security that there’s been another…umm, incident at Asylum. You told me you wanted to be informed when—I mean, if it happened again.”

“Damn it!” A dull throb started behind Olivia’s eyes, slowly reaching toward her temples as she slapped her palms against the desk and pushed to her feet. “I can’t get through one damn day without those two males trying to maim their customers. I swear I’m going to kill them this time.”

Morgan pressed her lips together and said nothing, but she couldn’t mask the clear enjoyment sparkling in her eyes. The coy smile that tilted the corners of her mouth did little to ease Olivia’s anger and frustration. Anger, because she couldn’t go an entire week without being called to Asylum to clean up one of Axton and Zade Tavish’s messes. Frustration, because as much as their violent and volatile methods of running the onboard sanctuary had become a thorn in her side, somewhere deep down, Olivia actually looked forward to seeing the Krytos brothers.

That didn’t mean she had to be happy about it.

“I’ve had enough of this shit!” Rounding her desk, she fisted her hands at her sides, and marched out of the office, passing Officer Blake with a disgruntled huff.

Her assistant stumbled in her hurry to get out of Olivia’s way, but Morgan followed her out, her silence louder than anything she could have said. Olivia wasn’t an empath like her friend, but she could practically feel Morgan’s amusement at her predicament. She idly wondered if the woman would find it so damn funny when she murdered the Tavish brothers. Knowing Morgan, she likely would.

“Suck it up, buttercup!” Morgan called from several feet behind her, quiet laughter giving her voice an uncharacteristically girlish lilt.

“Suck this.” Jabbing her hand into the air over her head, Olivia lifted her middle finger without turning. It was a crude and archaic gesture left over from before the Alien Wars, but it seemed fitting in the moment.

3013: ASYLUM

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