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The Revenant Series -- New Pre-Order and Discount

Dark Moon Rising, Book 2 in The Revenant series is coming September 5th! Pre-order your copy today! Haven't read the first book of the series? Get Shadow Soldier for 99 cents for a limited time. (Scroll down for links.)

After taking down a pack of Ravagers and narrowly escaping the Coalition, Corporal Thea Mendez wants a shower, food, and sleep, in no particular order. Instead, she’s tasked with leading her group of rebels through a dangerous stretch of the Deadlands—a thousand miles of deserted cities crawling with half-crazed werewolves.

Sergeant Rhys Lockwood has been a prisoner of the St. Louis pack for longer than he can remember. Everything that used to matter has faded, his life narrowed to only the earthen walls of his underground cell. With no end in sight and nothing left to fight for, he’s ready to give up when hope arrives in the most unexpected form.

The night calls, the darkness awaits, and no one is safe when the full moon rises. The Purge took everything from them. Together, they’ll find the courage to take it back.

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Blood roared in Thea’s ears, and pain exploded at the base of her skull. Pressing a hand to her right temple, she blinked several times, groaning when the light aggravated the throbbing ache.

Dirt walls surrounded her on all sides, the clay carved and packed into a smooth, curving surface. Thick sand the color of blanched ash covered the ground beneath her, and ten feet above, closely spaced iron bars crisscrossed over the rounded opening. Beyond the metal grate, dark, angry clouds rolled over each other, their bellies filled with coming rain that blotted out all but the thinnest rays of sunlight.

Thea couldn’t think, couldn’t remember how she’d come to find herself held prisoner in a hole in the ground. It had been morning, sunny, and she’d been painting a message for Deke in her own blood outside of a truck stop off the interstate. Heavy, oppressive, the scent of death had spiraled around her, coming closer, growing thicker. Not the smell of dead bodies, of rotting flesh or oozing blood, but something darker, something far more frightening.

She’d finished her message—a crescent moon, it’s apex surrounded by four stars—then had added the letters “KC” below, telling Deke to meet them at the Revenant bunker in Kansas City. The cut on her arm had just started to heal, and she’d taken her first step toward the SUV when feral growls had erupted throughout the empty parking lot.

She had a hazy recollection of Zerrik and Cade running toward her, of both men yelling her name, then…nothing.

The storm rolling in made it nearly impossible to estimate the time of day, and the clay walls held little in the way of clues as to her location. Only eight feet or so in diameter, the pit was still too wide, the walls too smooth, to allow any kind of leverage. Even if she shifted, her claws had nothing to grip.

Pushing herself upright, Thea leaned back against the packed earth, rested her elbows on her bent knees, and stared up at the angry sky. A faint clink drew her attention for the first time to the chilled metal surrounding her neck. Mapping the shackle with her fingers, she curled her upper lip and snarled. Not only had she been attacked and kidnapped, but they’d collared her like a fucking pet.

Unable to break the heavy lock that held the shackle closed, she leaned back against the wall again and tried to focus, but it didn’t happen easily. The pain at the base of her skull traveled down into her neck and shoulders, and her eyes refused to focus properly. A sharp coppery taste filled her mouth, almost like blood, but with a bitter tinge of something chemical.

Stretching her arms out, one at a time, then her legs, she checked for broken bones. Her limbs felt heavy, weighted, but otherwise, nothing hurt. If she’d sustained other injuries, they’d already healed. More concerning, it seemed her kidnappers had stripped her out of her uniform while she’d been unconscious, leaving her in nothing but a pair of black panties and a matching tank top. The realization left her cold in a way that had nothing to do with the outside temperatures.

“Zerrik?” Her voice came out in a hoarse rasp, her throat and mouth dry. “Zerrik?" she tried again, a  little stronger this time. "Can you hear me?”

She saw no point in yelling. If the vampire was close, he’d hear her. If he’d managed to evade their attackers, it wouldn’t matter how loudly she screamed.

“Thea?” Zerrik’s voice filled her cell. “Where are you?”

He sounded close, much closer than she’d expected. “In a fucking hole in the ground. You?”


Wincing at the pain that still throbbed in her head, Thea crawled through the shifting sand to the other side of her circular prison. “The others?” she asked, leaning her forehead against the chilled dirt of the wall. “Did they get away? What the hell happened?”

“Werewolves happened.” The growl in his voice rumbled clearly through the layers of earth that separated them. “I don’t know what happened to Cade and Abby. I don’t even know how we got here—or where ‘here’ is, for that matter.”

Thea didn’t have an answer for him, so she asked another question instead. “What are these collars for?”

“No clue, but I have a bad feeling we’re about to find out.”

“Why do you say—” Cutting off, Thea shoved to her feet, pressing a hand to the wall to steady herself when she swayed. “Who’s there?” she demanded of that shadow that blotted out what little sun poured into her prison. “Who the hell are you?”

The grate that covered her cell opened with a loud screech of metal against metal, and the shadowy figure kicked his foot out, knocking down a crude rope ladder into her cell.

“Climb up,” a deep, masculine voice ordered. "Now."

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Haven't read Book One yet? 
Grab your copy of Shadow Soldier for 99 cents for a limited time! 

When the Purge nearly wiped out humanity and gave rise to the Allied Races Coalition, Roux Jennings refused to become a paranormal’s new pet. Forced into hiding, she remains constantly on the move, never staying in one place for too long. It’s a harsh existence filled with too many dangers and not enough food, but at least she’s free.

Coalition Captain Deke Collins is tasked with protecting the citizens of Trinity Grove—both human and paranormal alike. Presenting the mask of a loyal and dutiful soldier isn’t always easy, but it’s a necessary evil. If anyone discovers he’s the leader of a group of rebels secretly known as the Revenant, he won’t live to see the next sunrise.

When circumstances force him into the path of a beautiful and tenacious female, he’s immediately drawn to the human. Dragging Roux into his world may put her in more danger than even he realizes, but it’s a risk he must take to protect her.

In a reality where paranormals rule and humans are nearly extinct, lines are drawn, sides chosen, and a war for freedom rages in secret.

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