Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Release - Boundless (Pandora 2)

After years of hard work and sacrifice, Aeryn Chase is finally in possession of her own merchant ship. Piloting the Nightshade gives her purpose, security, and most of all, freedom—or so she thought. Touching down on Nekron for a scheduled trade stop, she didn’t expect to be detained by guards or have her ship ransacked, nor did she anticipate meeting the likes of Lieutenant Xavian Tira. 

Enlisting the Earthling’s help to track down a fugitive, infiltrate a high-stakes auction, and locate a missing Legacy didn’t figure into Xavian’s plans. With the clock ticking and no alternatives, he reluctantly agrees, but from the moment they arrive on Earth, things only go from bad to worse. As Aeryn’s life hangs in the balance, Xavian is faced with an impossible decision—the death of one, or the death of many. 

But how can he possibly choose between the woman he loves and the survival of an entire race?

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Xavian blinked several times, trying to reconcile the picture he’d constructed in his head with the beauty standing before him. He gauged the female to be nearly a foot shorter than his own six-foot-four, and though difficult to tell beneath the baggy, shapeless sweater, her face and hands appeared slender, almost delicate. Far from some lined and wary pirate, she had a soft, circular face with high cheekbones and big, round eyes.

His gaze kept traveling back to her mouth, to her full, pink lips. Her upper lip stretched a little wider than her bottom, looked just a little plumper, giving her mouth a heart-shaped appearance. As he watched her, his own lips began to tingle in response, and a strange current rippled up his spine, effectively cutting off anything else he might have said.

“Chase, what happened?” Vane asked, shoving past the two soldiers to stand directly beside her.
Xavian growled, the sound low…dangerous.

When he realized it, he pressed his lips together and jerked back. No one else had seemed to hear or notice him, a fact for which he was immeasurably grateful, because he didn’t have any logical explanation for his behavior.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” Aeryn answered, her tone sharp with an undercurrent of bitterness. “I was informed the Nightshade would be searched upon landing. Not the norm, but I accepted it.” Her upper lip curled, and her nose wrinkled across the bridge. “Then these two assholes get here, along with Fuckhead One and Two over there.” She jerked her head to the side to indicate the two officers still staring dazedly into the night. “They insist I take off my jacket so they can search me.”

Xavian’s gaze raked down over the swell of her hips to her long, slender legs, and finally fell to the crumple of fabric just to the side of her booted feet.

“I complied,” she continued, “until they wanted me to take off my sweater as well.” She glared at the guards again. “Those two idiots over there start throwing crates off the back of the ship like it’s a halftime show during a game of fieldball. My tech engineer tells them to knock it off, since we don’t exactly get paid for damaged goods. Fuckhead One there grabs her by the arm and shoves her to the ground. You arrived about twenty-seconds later.”

A shadow descended over Vane’s face as he turned to the two closest guards. “Is that what happened?”

While the males tripped over each other trying to justify their actions, Xavian marched over to the female and stooped to retrieve her coat from the ground. It was covered in dust and cold to the touch, but he shook it out and held it up for her. She studied him with a furrowed brow for a long time before she nodded and turned to slip her arms into the sleeves one at a time.

“Thank you,” she muttered as she zipped the jacket and flipped the hood up to cover the top of her head. “Aeryn Chase.”

“So you said.” Xavian offered his hand. “Lieutenant Xavian Tira.”

Her eyes crinkled at the corners when she smiled, the hunter green irises shining with amusement. “Under the circumstances, I can’t say it’s a pleasure, but still…”

Trailing off, she took his hand, her soft palm pressed against his, her grip firm. Electricity sparked between them, a pulse that zinged up Xavian’s arm and ricocheted around in his chest. Despite the temperatures, her touch spread warmth over his skin like rays of sunlight.

Pulling his hand back, he curled it into a tight fist and shoved it into his jacket pocket to hide the trembling. “Understandable, and I’m sorry for this. Trust me, this won’t go unpunished.”

“Lieutenant,” one of the recruits said, having the nerve to argue with Xavian after the shit he and his fellow officers had pulled. “We were just doing our jobs. She’s the one who assault—”

Xavian grabbed the kid by the throat and swung him around, pinning him against the side of the ship. “Your job does not include harassing the crew, assaulting a female, or disrespecting the ship’s captain. Nor does it entail asking said captain to remove her clothing.”

Blood roared in his ears, his heart thundered, and the angrier he became, the more his grip tightened. When a hand landed on his shoulder, he whipped his head around and snarled.

“Xee, man, take a breath.” With his head cocked to one side, Vane watched him carefully, his eyes narrowed, and worry lines marring his brow. “They’re punks, but we’re going to have much bigger problems if you don’t let him go.”

“He’s turning purple,” Aeryn commented, though she sounded less worried and more observational.
It took three deep breaths and a lot of willpower for Xavian to release the soldier and move away from him. “Who is your commanding officer?”

“Lieutenant Danvers,” the male rasped.

A vindictive grin pulled at the corners of his mouth. Phaedra would eat them alive when she found out what had happened. “Leave. I don’t give a fuck where you go, but get out of my sight.”

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